Wedding Photos and My New Year's Resolution...

It's been a week shy of three months since Tom and I were married, so I figured it was about time to update. All pics are compliments of the amazing Becca Stanley.

A somewhat unrelated post on my New Year's resolution follows the pics.

Us and our kids!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Palmer!

My amazing new, HUGE family. No extended family here. Only parents/brothers/sisters/nephews and nieces.

My eight flower girls looked like angels!

My beautiful mother.

Those nails are eternal proof that I do have willpower. No nailbiting or acrylics for me!

My dad peering around the corner before walking me down the aisle and performing our vows!

My lovely sister and maid of honor.

Celebrate good times!

We did not plan our layout to be a cross AT ALL. My cousin noticed after it was all set up, and needless to say, we were blown away. God is so awesome.

The front of the barn with our initials and a wreath - brainstormed by me, handmade by my sis!

First dance! I was scared to do it, as my husband hangs in the ghetto (he's a youth pastor) and has some madd dancing skillz. Fortuantely, he went easy on me!

I'm not even a big fan of cake, and this one was absolutely amazing. Some layers were strawberry shortcake-esque and others were filled with a Frangelico Fudge (ie Nutella) filling. To. Die. For. The cake vendor showed up without the strawberries, so my trooper brother in law, John, scoured the area for the right berries and my uber talented Aunt Bev placed them.

May be my favorite photo of the day.

Love the horse...

My husband is oh so handsome!

This was our amazingly talented photographer's favorite photo! So fun!

Swinging in bare feet! Felt good to get the heels off!

The groom with my girls.

Wiping the tears of joy with a handkerchief passed down in my family.

And, they lived happily ever after!

There are TONS and TONS (I mean thousands) more pictures, and I may post more in the coming weeks, but these should most anyone over for a decade or two. :-)
Now, for my unrelated New Year's Resolutions post....

I recently finished up a story on New Year's resolutions for a local media site. While working on the piece, I tried to talk myself into a new diet, reading more books, etc. No matter what goal I came up with, I was bothered by the question that comes to mind every time I think of throwing myself headlong into new goal: "To what end?"
Sure, I can fill my mind with a bajillion new facts by spending all my spare time reading. Knowledge is awesome. Sure, I can lose a few pounds. I wouldn't mind being able to wear my high school clothes again. But, to what end?
Those things aren't bad, and, in fact, can be noble pursuits, but for a resolution that will be my driving force throughout the year, they are not good enough.

I was listening to the gospel station the other night and singer Matt Redman gave me what I decided is a worthy pursuit for 2011. Singing to God, he says:
"Every blessing you pour out I'll turn back to praise."

To that I ask myself, "To what end," and the answer is clear: To bring glory to my Savior
because He is worthy.
I'm blessed beyond measure for my husband, family, friends, home, job, food, and my new suede boots, scarves, and skinny jeans. I want to make sure I'm turning all of those blessings back into praise in 2011 and beyond.

That's a resolution I can stick to.

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  1. Anonymous15.1.11

    The pictures are beautiful - thank you. They bring back memories of 21 years ago for us. Yes, by the grace of God it is still possible to last.

    Your explanation of the new years resolution is an example of why I read your blog. As others have said, write what you want when you want to. It has more influence than you know.