"Knocked Up" Blogger

I don't do much in way of blogging here at Insert Clever S.Logan anymore (obviously), but if anyone (Hi, mom!) is still interested in reading along about the goings on in my life, I've got a new gig as a twice-weekly blogger at Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. I'm their new "Knocked Up" blogger! And, yes, that does indeed mean we're having a little one! A baby boy to be exact, due at the end of September. Here's the link! http://pnmag.com/pregnancy-blogs/knocked-up


It's a New Dawn, a New Day, a New Life for Me, and I'm Feeling Good

The Densmore Farm
An impromptu photo shoot with one of the farm's horses.

One of our eight flower girls and a family friend.

The pearls draped on my shoes were a Christmas gift from my parents when I was a child.
Our cake, decorated by my aunt.

Our first dance to Harry Conick, Jr's., "Recipe for Making Love."

My husband works with inner-city youth. Here are a few of the kids at the wedding.

My dad walked my down the aisle and also performed the vows.

A handkerchief passed down in my family for years.

Our rings on top of a wood ring I found in a creek bed moments before my husband proposed:

We set up a photobooth with plenty of props to choose from. There are the actual photos.

And they lived happily ever after.