Audience of One

My last post was one days shy of six months ago. I will bypass all of the life-changes that have occurred in the past months, partly because there's just too many to share (for example, I'm getting MARRIED in 74 days), but mostly because I am not narcisstic enough to think folks are still checking in to see if I'm around.

I have finally faced a fact. I am not now, nor ever will I be, the journaling type. It's just not in my blood. (Ironic considering I majored in "journal"ism.) I have always wanted to be the individual who passes on to Glory and leaves dozens of dusty, leather-bound journals behind. Maybe there's some comfort in knowing your words will live beyond your breaths. Over the years, I have had bouts of success--three days here, five days there--but inevitably my hand fails to keep up with my thoughts, and I decide the process is more laborious than enjoyable.

That is, in fact, what brought an end to my blogging career some months ago. In the beginning, I used my blog as a platform to entertain. There was a constant pressure to put out new information that would keep 'em coming back. I wasn't really sure why I wanted them to keep coming back. It's just what I was told was supposed to happen. Finally, it became more work than fun, so I scaled back.

Then, when I experienced a major life transition--moving to the inner-city--I shared some experiences and spiritual thoughts but soon lost my interest in blogging altogether. The tangible things in my life demanded my attention to such a degree that the intangibles of the Internet had little appeal.

I can't say that has changed. However, after receiving a few emails over the past months from folks who have read through my experiences and been encouraged or felt like my words were an answer to prayer, I have come to realize that there may be something worthwhile in this blogging thing, afterall.

So, from now on, I will be using this page much like a journal, but with an exponentially higher WPM rate and a (regrettable) inability to collect dust. The thoughts will be personal and true, without any attempt to entertain or inform "my readers." I'll be writing for myself and, of course, my ever-present audience of One. If someone stumbles upon me, along the way, wonderful. If not, at least my words will live somewhere beyond my breaths...even if they're not leather-bound.


  1. Oh good, please share your heart! I love reading about it! :-) love you!

  2. I, for one, have checked here almost every day hoping to see that you are still alive, healthy, and happy. I’m pleased to learn that you are. It’s good to welcome you back and congratulate you for your impending marriage. Perhaps I should congratulate the lucky man you chose to marry.

    Best wishes to both of you and may God bless you in your future endeavors.

  3. Anonymous29.7.10

    Well, I haven't checked back here once...

    But that's because I'm subscribed to your RSS feed (the magic of technology!).


    I'm excited about the new direction. Bring it : )


  4. Suzanna - that's the beauty of the RSS feed.

    Write what you feel, when you feel it.

    We'll catch it.

    Keep fighting the good fight, and don't fear "making it personal."

  5. Anonymous4.8.10

    I'm happen to see you're back to writing. I've always checked your site from time to time just to see if you've added new entries.

    You're a very good writer and I believe God has blessed you with that gift.

    Congrats, on the pending nuptials.


  6. I have checked in periodically, but not often. That will change now since I see you're posting again. Or I suppose I ciould be like everyone else and add your rss feed to my blog. yeah, I think I'll do that ;-)

    Congratulations on your engagement!