Question of the Night

Each evening, while lying in bed, I ask myself a question about life. It usually involves the state of the world and my purpose in it, why I haven't purchased toilet paper in over three weeks, or how guilty I should feel after eating seven chocolate chip cookies in a row.

Last night, I wondered all of those things and something a little ... different:

"On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the appropriate freak-out factor for someone who has just discovered rat poop in their bed?"

This, unfortunately, was not a hypothetical question ....

Life is good (and gross) in the ghetto.


  1. This is definitely a problem that should be solved before you turn on the computer. So. how did you solve it?
    A major drawback of a middle class upbringing is being unprepared for rats.

  2. Just think -- you could be in Guatemala or somewhere like that and have an actual rat in your bed. . . .

    Takes your blessings where you finds them ;-)

    And ICK!!!! sorry to hear that happened.