Entitled to Succeed? Two letters: BS.

And, I don't mean Bachelor of Science.

Trina Thompson must think we need further proof of our culture's gimme-gimme attitude. She's offered to be exhibit "A." The 27-year-old graduate of a school in the Bronx is suing her college for not doing enough to aid her post-graduation job search.

That's right. She is demanding a $70,000 tuition refund claiming her school's career center hasn't offered her "adequate job leads" since she received her degree in April. "They have not tried hard enough to help me," she moaned in her lawsuit, filed with the Bronx Supreme Court.

Newsflash, Ms. Thompson, it's not anyone else's responsibility to ensure your success, especially your college, post-graduation. It's your school's job to offer you a competitive education, feed you crappy cafeteria food, and keep you perpetually sleep-deprived for four years. At least those were the rules when I was an undergrad.

Maybe the rules have changed since then? Or, maybe I don't get the girl's beef because my school didn't even have a "career" center. Or, maybe I don't get it because my class schedule didn't include Bogus Lawsuits 101 or the Metaphysics of Whiners.

Hey, at least, those are two areas she seems to have excelled in.


  1. Hmmm. I've got a BS degree. If this works for her, maybe I'll try it with my old alma mater.

    (Oh, of COURSE I'm kidding.....)

  2. Indeed, a Bachelor of Science is a great way to go. Or did you mean Baloney Sandwich? CAIDS.
    (Creeping Acrnonymism Is Destroying Society). ;)

  3. Charles Kennedy2.8.09

    Obviously this girl drank way too much of the kool aid that gets served up in government schools - the one that creates "good citizens" by instilling an attitude of entitlement and dependency on government and institutions.

    By the way, I still don't have the college teaching position for which I pursued my doctoral studies, even though I finished the degree nearly ten years ago. Maybe I should sue the University of Michigan and ask for my money back... don't you think?

  4. My school had a job placement guarantee . . . .at a local call center.

    Needless to say, I had a better job on my own before I graduated.

  5. Anonymous3.8.09

    figures she's from nyc