Vacation Photos!

Because I'm convinced that blogging during vacation ranks with the cardinal sins, I'm going to "tide" you over with a few pictures I took yesterday of California's coast. (Haha.)

Despite growing up hours from where these photos were taken, I'd never seen these views. In fact, until now, Italy's Amalfi coast was my favorite seaside spot. Turns out, equally stunning scenes were practically in my own backyard. (Isn't it always that way? You'll tour another state or country sooner than you explore your own. So silly.)

I'm glad I finally made the trip. If you're ever in California, make sure you do, too! For now, enjoy vacationing vicariously through a few of my photos.

Sandy feet make me happy. An actual conversation with my mom regarding this photo? Not so much. "Wow, Mom, why do I look so fat here?" "Well, honey, because you are, of course." Nothing like a little brutal honesty to jumpstart that summer diet plan. Thanks, mom.

Maybe if I had to fight tourists for my food, I'd be as thin as this squirrel. Hand-feeding the squirrel Wheat Thins (reduced-fat!) might have been the highlight of my trip. Not getting rabies from hand-feeding the squirrel equally awesome.

I love old people, almost as much as I love squirrels. Especially adorable ones like these who wear straw hats, carry canes, and speak with British accents. (Old men in sweater vests may trump even the squirrels. Take note future husband of mine, if you ever discover this blog.)

If there's anything that makes the ocean better, it's flowers. Actually, flowers make most anything better. (Second helpful hint to future husband.)

Love the dark silhouette of the trees against the blue. I plan to recreate this in oil pastels one of these days...

And, finally, my favorite:

This picture doesn't do this scene justice. Absolutely breathtaking. If you look closely, you'll see a natural waterfall pouring onto the shore on the upper left hand side. It was much larger in person. Ironically, I wrote about this scene last summer for Coastal Living, without having seen it. I now feel the need to apologize to nature for my sorely lacking description.

That's all for the moment. Now back to my regularly scheduled vacation.


  1. Anonymous16.7.09

    Incredible pictures girl! I drove Hwy 1 from San Fransisco to LA one time and loved it! Cali has so much to offer!
    Jeff Caddell (Facebook friend)

  2. You look gorgeous. The views are great too :) Gotta love that California coast!!!

  3. I meant to tell you something - you are NOT fat!!!

    Have a good rest of vacation...