"A Very Nice Set of Tatas"

As those who've met me (or spent more than 3 minutes on my blog) know, I'm a nerd. I love black and white television shows and make few colored exceptions. For the PC-minded among you, I do mean colored television, not the, uh, other kind of colored.

Thanks to some great parenting (and the fact that we were the only family in Southern California without cable), I grew up on shows like I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and Leave It to Beaver: sitcoms made in an era when the new world's cheapest car made by India's Tata motors would have fit in the glove compartment of the Cadillac convertible the Ricardos drove to California.

I'm not alone in my appreciation of the good ol' days of television and particularly Beaver love. It seems Grandpa John has seen an episode or two. He's also heard about the new near-microscopic vehicles and offers this hilarious, spot-on scenario, "from the lost episodes":

Eddie Haskell at the Cleaver front door: 'Ding-dong'.

Mrs. Cleaver: "Why hello, Eddie. Wally's upstairs. He'll be right down. Did you see our two brand new cars in the driveway?"

Eddie: "Why yes, Mrs. Cleaver and I must say that you have a very nice set of Tatas."

I've got nothing to follow that, so go read more from Grandpa John. He's got some funny stuff A good sense of humor runs in his family.


  1. Recalls this bit of nonsense. ;)

  2. Thanks, Suzanna.

    You could have also titled this post, "Double Entendre Fest."

    Is such writing befitting a Southern Belle?