You'll Like This Girl

My best friend (who is more like my "statistically significant other") is coming into town this weekend, so the blogging will be light.

Instead of reading my nonsense, spend your time reading her. She's a bright new light in the blogosphere and her blog's subtitle alone makes you want to read: "Wearing heels, packing heat, and saving babies..."

Today, she goes after Obama. Yesterday, it was Pelosi, or was it the Wicked Witch of the East? Eh, same dif. She also tells it like it is in What a girl wants. Hint: it includes leather, guns, and... pink?

Go pay her a visit, and leave a comment!


  1. Kinda OT:

    You've been tagged with the Filthy Blog Pox .

    Nothing to worry about

  2. Conservative, smart (sorry for the redundancy), pretty and she read geek comics! Wow I gotta bookmark this one right away!