Some Like it Hot: Marco Rubio vs the NRSC

Jimmie Bise says Marco Rubio is the new hotness. What do I say? Hell yeah he is.

Proof: his farewell address to the Florida House Representatives where he served as Speaker:

The dreamy Mr. Rubio is sure to make any red-blooded conservative woman swoon with his talk of natural rights and the God who granted them, limited government, and the greatness of the American people. Of course, his perfect teeth and tan don't hurt either. Note the standing ovation he receives for the "God is real" portion of his message beginning around 5:30. Can this guy get any more perfect?

The National Republican Senatorial Committee must have been smoking something when they decided to back RINO extraordinaire Charlie Crist over the (young, hip, Hispanic, and magnetic) truly conservative Rubio. As a twenty-something, I can tell you that guys like Rubio who can articulate a conservative message clearly and with passion are exactly what my generation need. The NRSC's decision is a tragedy and warrants every last bit of the vim and vigor they're getting from the thousands of folks who are banding together right now to boycott them.

From the new anti-NRSC blog, Not One Red Cent:
Republicans across the country were outraged by this action [to endorse Crist over Rubio], which is only the latest betrayal of grassroots conservatives by the out-of-touch GOP elite in Washington.
I'm with Rubio and the Not One Red Cent folks on this one. I just have one question: Is he married?

Pundette shares excerpts from Rubio's recent interview with the NRO, which covers his stance on everything from tax reform to the borders.

The Other McCain offers a great rundown of Rubio-related links. You all know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day ... scheming up a plan for having Mr. Rubio's babies, according to The Other McCain. I had been planning on just checking the links, but his suggestion may be more fun at that...

No Sheeples Here has more on the anti-NRSC, grassroots rebellion.

Update II:
It's come to my attention (thanks, Pundette--sort of) that Mr. Rubio is married. Oh, well, I can still drool can't I?


  1. Thanks for the link!

    So sorry to tell you he's married, with four children. :-/

    But maybe he's got a brother?

  2. All sexy guys are married with lots of children. Guys who aren't married, it's usually because . . . they're gay

  3. BTW, what's with you and the Hispanic guys, huh?

  4. The NRSC fell for Crist's inner hack.