Remembering Those Who Never Came Home

I know that many of us, including myself, are enjoying this three-day weekend, getting together with friends and family at barbecues, etc. But amidst all of the fun, please take some time to remember that Memorial day isn't just another day off. It's a day to honor the thousands of soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice - their lives - so that we can live on in freedom.

I've included two videos in remembrance. The first video includes the refrain, "Please remember me." The second, the song "I Will Remember You."

For the soldiers who never came home, please take a moment to watch the videos, and while you do, say a prayer of comfort for the family's left behind who will be struggling through this day.

"Please remember me":

"I will remember you":

Today and everyday, God bless the families left behind and the men and women who are still fighting on.


  1. Suzanna,

    These were tough videos to watch, but they help to realize that this isn't just another day to get off from work and school.

    Thank you for remembering that and making it known.

    God bless,

  2. Anonymous31.5.09

    I missed seeing this on Memorial Day, but like you said, they deserve our prayer and gratitude EVERY DAY.