Punk-smacking the Beyotch, er, Behar

Thanks to Jimmie Bise over at The Sundries Shack (who's also writing for Hot Air's Green Room now!), I have had a major change of heart:

I no longer think Ann Coulter is a bombastic, insulting heiffer.

For years, I've maintained that her style was divisive, alienating to individuals on both sides of the political spectrum, and just down-right unladylike. As a conservative, my position has embroiled me in more than a few arguments. Finally, I'm acquiescing.

Sort of.

I still think she's bombastic and insulting, but she's directing her ire at Joy "Beyotch" Behar, which makes her awesome. The thirty-second Coulter vs. Blabbering Behar video is worth every second.

If there's ever a time to break free from your link-clicking-laziness, do it now. Seriously. It's the best smack down I've seen for awhile. It's also the best thirty seconds I've spent since ... well, this wouldn't be time for a Big Sexy reference would it?


  1. "30 seconds"! LOL!

    You are EEEEEE-VIL!

  2. Yeah, gotta agree with you on the Coulter thing. I never liked her mainly because I never felt she was very sincere. But put her against Behar and there's no question as to who I want see on top.

  3. The only thing that should thrill anyone in thirty seconds is a roller coaster.

  4. My complaint against Coulter is that she's mis-labeled. Truly, I think her a stand-up comic more than a pundit. Putting that impressive intellect into a connected series of ideas, Jonah Goldberg fashion, would be a better use thereof.

  5. She's still one ugly bitch.

  6. What does that have to do with anything GNHVII?

    I like Ann Coulter. While I don't agree with everything she says, I admire the fact that she doesn't back down because people find her approach different. She just says what she thinks. And yes, while sometimes out there, at least she voices her opinion.

  7. So Cameron would this be a bad time to tell you I have a talking Ann Coulter doll?

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