Obama Acknowledges He's "The One"

At the White House Correspondent's Dinner last night, Obama had this to say:

"I believe my next hundred days will be so successful that I will be able to complete them in 72 days. And on my 73rd day, I will rest."

Of course. He is "The One," afterall.

Proceeds from the dinner go toward feeding the hungry and funding journalism scholarships.

To streamline the funding process, they could just use the money to feed the hungry journalists. It's getting rough out here, and if we all waste away from starvation, who will be around to attend next year's dinner? Of course, I'm probably biased ... which considering I am a journalist is appropriate.

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  1. 'I believe my next hundred days will be so successful...'

    Well, after the abysmal display of his first 100 days, he's got nowhere to go but up.