Kindergartners Get Ready to "Go Gay" in CA

(Yes, that is a boy. No, it's not a joke; it's a tragedy.)

When I attended kindergarten, I ate glue and played with play dough. I also kissed red-haired boys named Matthew Zuki on the playground and picked my nose (not at the same time).

In short, I was a 5-year-old homophobe.

At least, that's what one California school district seems to think of all California kindergartners (of which I was one so many years ago):
"The Alameda Unified School District announced it was considering a supplemental curriculum to eradicate 'homophobia' in kindergarten children."
Yes, because the problem IS so rampant. So while we're teaching kids how to read, we can also teach them how to be gay. If we end up with an entire generation that reads with a lisp, don't say I didn't warn you. Read the whole makes-you-sick-to-your-stomach story here.

On a related note, Hanna Rosin's story on transgendered children from The Atlantic last fall entitled A Boy's Life (where the above photo was taken) is a fascinating, albeit cringe-worthy read.


  1. This transgender foolishness is a disease of affluence. If you'll tell a kid with male junk that he's a female, you're a step closer to telling everybody only what they want to hear. The Atlantic story about the boy who likes dresses and dolls is not about the poor kid getting treatment for his problems. It's really about the mother taking the easy way out and the medical community reinforcing her sick behavior.
    There is an especially crazy making aspect to this. They, of course, won't tell just anyone whatever they want to hear. These clowns would never tell me I have a constitutional right to bear arms. No, they only tell these permissive lies in places where it will be most destructive to the underlying fabric that holds society together. They don't much care whether the confused little boy and his mother are happy or helped, they are just convient agents to use to sow anarchy.

  2. I forgot to add, "Stop eating glue. It's bad for you."

  3. Anonymous20.5.09

    WOW, so glad we got out of CA. Too bad everyone in the family is a teacher and is going to have to deal with this crap. Oh, and then there's all the children of the family who are going to be forced to listen to this BS. What a mess.

  4. Back in the day, when I was a little tyke. My mom had some wigs for whatever reason. One of my favorite things to was to wear them on and play. It worried my father quite a bit. He's happy now that I grew out of it or learned to hide it better.

    But how much of that is a phase the kid goes through? And how much of it is the parent getting bad advice from a shrink?

    Let the kid grow up some before performing the Takeadickfromme.

  5. For a split second I thought that was a picture of you in kindergarten. Apologies.


  6. This is just beginning. When we--at some unknown point in time--were no longer were a Christian nation, we lost an ability to have absolute right and wrong.

    I suspect that in the pipeline is teaching about three-ways, gay sex, sex with animals and vegetation and objects...

    My head is hurting now. I know it is early this morning to start drinking, but...


  7. Yet more proof that leaving California in 93 was a great idea. Sheesh.