I Like My Men Big. Also, Various & Sundry Links That You Should Click.

I had a thing for basketball players in high school and apparently still do.** The blogging has been light lately and will continue to be until after the NBA finals next week. What? A girl's gotta have her priorities. And watching Kobe and King James ball it up takes precedence over, well, just about everything.

While I haven't been writing much, these folks have, so I'll leave you with their collective brilliance:

Troglopundit is talking about sex, lies, and videotape. Okay, really, he's just talking about two of those, but to find out which ones, you'll have to click the link. (For all of you hoping it's the sex and videotape combination, I won't say it's not, but shame on you.)

Moe Lane highlights the hypocrisy of the save-the-whales-and-everything-else-except-the-humans types, and lets us in on his last meal request with you can have my gyro when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Last night, I was running at the gym while watching the Cavs and Magic OT nail-biter. I had to stop the treadmill a few times so I could jump up and down and yell profanities at the television. Little Miss Atilla is yelling profanities, too, but for a more noble reason. She says in an email:

"Yes. I posted on this issue SIX times today; I'm furious. I love my Cruiser, and I hate seeing people's livelihoods ripped away from them for no &#%$!@# reason at all."

What's raising her ire? The administration's move to shut down Chrysler dealerships.

Pundette is throwing some profanity, Little Miss Atilla style, into her posts, too. (I tried doing the characters-as-expletives thing at the gym but it just didn't have the same effect.) And, she reveals that apparently the Obama administration and I have something in common ("The Obama admin is into BIG") with her post on national sales tax.

The Other McCain has a post up about the difference between the North and South Bronx. New York City is dear to my heart, but even if it's not yours, it's still a hilarious read.

Jimmie Bise shows his wit with his title Diplomacy So Clever, You Could Pin a Tail on It and Call It A Weasel.

One of my favorite bloggers, Paco, had his one-year-blogiversary a few days ago. I like him because he's funny, and pictures like this prove it.

Being from California, I should be watching the same-sex marriage Prop 8 saga a little more closely, but my parents are keeping me updated. For those of you who don't have the good fortune of having Californian parents (who are awesome, btw): Legal Insurrection and American Power are the go-to guys for the latest responses to the state's decision to uphold the ban on same sex marriage: federal lawsuits and ... kissing protests?

Stephen Gordon, who is a wonderful man with a wonderful wife that I have had the pleasure of knowing outside the blogosphere, has drawn up a Contract for a Free America, a suggested direction for the conservative movement. He explains the purpose this way:

"Instead of spending all of our time making ad hominem attacks on the left, I thought I'd try to begin a process of coming up with a new plan for the right."
And, he wants your input:

Please rip this apart with the goal of coming up with a winning collection of ideas designed to start moving our country back in the direction intended by our Founding Fathers. Let the Ripping Begin.

That's all, folks!

**Because inquiring minds want to know. Yes, Big Sexy is a baller (and a spoilsport because he won't let me post the link that proves it. Use your google search, people). Also, he is, uh, big ... and ... sexy.


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm proud to state that my "wonderful wife" and I have now been married for 14 years.

  2. So, "big" means "tall" and not "wide"?


  3. Thanks for the link. You make my post sound a lot juicier than it is. :)

  4. So, "big" means "tall" and not "wide"?Uh, I think she means "deep," Jimmy. Did I mention my beautiful wife and I have six wonderful children?