Don't Kiss the Pig!

Ah, too late:

I'm not a big fan of forwarded emails as a rule, but I received this in my inbox (thanks, Aunt Becky!) and considering the latest hullabaloo over the "swine flu" or whatever we're calling it now, I thought I'd share.

Remember, folks, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, and above all, don't kiss the pig. (But, if you do, do it with gusto like this munchkin. Then, take a picture and send it my way.)

Ps - I'm out of town starting now, so the posts may be scarce this weekend. Hopefully, the ManBirdPig Flu will be, too.


  1. So, does the child represent the electorate, and the pig stand for socialist policies?

  2. Oh, ick. He's slipping her tongue!