I'm a Right-Wing Extremist, Are You?

I'm a little behind on the Tea Party commentary, having had a series of interesting events yesterday that included my nearly joining a chaps contest in a backwoods bar in Wetumpka, Alabama last night (more on this later). Fortunately, I escaped with my dignity intact. And, speaking of dignity...
I may not have risked it and my virginal innocence to become the Lady Godiva of the Tax Day Tea Party, as Stephen Gordon of The Liberty Papers noted. (He also noted I was "cute.") But, I did risk my health. I attended the 'Bama Tea Party wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt (in 50 degree weather) that proclaimed "I Will Not Be Silent!" Ironically, I actually was rather silent, having been diagnosed with severe strep that morning.
Fortunately, there were 7,000 others there to cheer for me, especially when Stacy of The Other McCain delivered his rousing "You Might be a Right-Wing Extremist If" speech. As he so humbly notes, the magic is in the delivery. The fun begins around minute 1.
My personal favorite, "You might be a right-wing extremist if you believe in God, but don't think Obama is the Messiah."

Ps. Still haven't figured out the purpose of the random pitchfork in the background. Maybe they were hoping a lib would show and an impaling would follow?


  1. Robert Stacy humble?

    I s'pose that makes about as much sense as folks calling his Uncle John conservative.

  2. Nice blog, I will be back to see more soon.

    Leaning Straight Up (dot com)

  3. I'll be back to read about that backwoods bar near Wetumpka since that's my neck of the woods.

  4. Im so glad Stacy had his friend there to cheer him on, I wish the kids and I could have made it too.

  5. Mrs. McCain: I wish you and the kids could have come, too! Stacy never fails to sing your praises - and always with as much gusto as he delivered that speech.

  6. Loved the blog Suzanna - thanks!

  7. Anonymous19.4.09

    Loved the video, Stacy- inspiring.

    -Another silent supporter with strep

  8. Radical RWE and proud of it!

    Waiting for NapoliReno to go Waco on my home.