The Way to a Girl's Heart

The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the quickest way to a blogging woman's heart is through links and copious amounts of flattery.

This fellow has mastered the art, and has captured my heart with a poem. Here's an excerpt:

"This Northern Alabama Hottie is a bit flirty and sometimes naughty"

Hey, a good, conservative girl's gotta get her kicks and giggles somehow, right? I hear that jello wrestling is also a good way to get them. This place is only 10 minutes from my house. How convenient ... and sketchy.

If you would like to contend for my heart, send donations (button's on the right!), Godiva chocolate, and a (large) diamond ring and proposal to Birmingham, AL.


  1. My Dear Suzanna, I'm just getting warmed up...

  2. Signorina Logan,

    The muse visited me, and under my coffee mug I found this hastily scribbled note.

    Politics and humor make a good blend,
    Only if your hostess can comprehend
    The line drawn between serious and laughs
    Otherwise her work'll be laden with gaffes.

    Tis Signorina Logan we adore.
    Her wit and wisdom we can ne'er ignore.
    As her first grade report card does attest,
    Her prowess with the pen ranks with the best.

    Doff your cap and reward the lady fair,
    Whose auburn locks remain beyond compare,
    And whose eyes sparkle with the brightest blue.
    But recall, she writes not for me or you.

    Seeking not a temporary reward,
    Her words are penned for her sovereign Lord.

    The muse I think was unaware that once golden was your hair, an oversight I'm sure soon will be fixed.