This Is Too Easy...

Pundit and Pundette posted this priceless photo of Mr. Obama:

OMG... so many caption possibilities, right? Fortunately, Pundette is running a caption contest, so you can add your best line.

Here's mine:

1) Obama: "Hey, everyone, come check out this awesome grave I'm digging! Do you think capitalism will fit?"

2) He was going to wear his nice things to play in the dirt, but he didn't want to look like an elitist snob.

3) "I thought he was a White house servant of the people?

(The non-PC version was much funnier, but since I do live in the south, I figured I better stay away from anything that might cause me to be associated with the white hood and robe types.)


  1. Maybe something that doesn't involve his race or references to slavery?

  2. I'm sharwry, does that ofwrend you?

  3. *RIIIIIIPPPP* "Uh oh"

  4. Here was my suggestion...

    "Are you SURE Jimmy Hoffa is buried here?"

  5. This where I'm putting all that Hope I talked about.

  6. Anonymous29.4.09

    Love the line by Samuel Smith- that takes the cake!