Mind Effing the Left

Big Sexy doing his thang at a socialist, anti-war gathering on the streets of DC. Watch the video to see radical libs doing what they do best - making morons of themselves.

Case in point at 1:05, "If we could just, like, play, like, click drag with like politicians and like people in Guantanamo Bay and just switch 'em ... Man, things would be so different."

Hey, maybe we could just like play like click and drag with like your vocabulary and thought processes and like only save those words and ideas worth hearing ... Man, things would be so different: /silence

Don't despair. Well, you can despair about what this says about the state of our nation. But don't despair about the video being over: there's more!

In this one, Big Sexy highlights the hypocrisy of socialists asking for money for their newspapers. Trust me, it's priceless ... or at least worth the $4 it cost him.

Random lib at the close of the vid: "With state power you have the ability to transform things, the potential actually becomes tremendously great."

Hm, maybe we could use state power to transform y'all into sensible, productive members of society? Naw, even The One can only do so much....


  1. Pardon my ignorance, but this is the notorious Big Sexy? (use the cadence used when saying "Notorious B.I.G." and it sounds much more hip-hoppier) Excellent decision on his part to send the chocolates.

    But apart from the chuckles of observing a stunningly effective mind job, this tells us stuff we already knew, socialists are the folks who want to have the guv'mint tell us what to do, because we're fouling it all up. So their form of utilization of state power to transform things is bad, but making every potentially harmful if abused thing illegal, in effect our own utilization of state power to transform things is not bad?

    /nit picker mode off

    Hand me one of those chocolates, if you wouldn't mind. I sense a disturbance in the force, that or a chocolate deficit headache.

  2. One can find morans all across the political spectrum, S.Logan...

    And, while "mind effing" individuals left or right may be fun (assuming one enjoys making fun of one's fellow citizens, that is), it really doesn't say much about mainstream political thinking of any kind here in the US.

  3. Anonymous16.4.09

    Words cant describe the pain I feel watching these videos- makes me cringe to the core.