It's Tax Day! Let the BAR (Bank Account Rape) Games Begin!

I've always loved games. I've also always loved to cheat at games. I once marked the $90K Salary card in "Life" so I would know to pick it everytime. (Sorry, sis!)

Sadly, in the game of real Life, there are no $90K salary cards to mark. Even more sadly, there are taxes, and you shouldn't cheat on those unless federal prison sounds fun to you. (At least these days, you'd likely be surrounded by CEOS not black drug dealers, suggests this page.)

Because there are no games and probably no blogs in prison, I suggest you play while you can.

I'll be your host for the evening, and I want to know from you, "Whose Money Is It Anyway?!?!" Just to help you out, I'll give you a hint, the answer is three words beginning with the letters. "I" "R" "S".

The rules? Share in the comment section how much of your hard-earned cash you'll be coughing up in taxes this year. Really, "coughing" isn't dramatic enough imagery. Let's go with "hurl", "puke," "barf," or "ralph." (Those should include me in some interesting google searches.)

The objective? To make me, your host, feel better about the $7,000 payout I'll be giving Uncle Sam this year.

Let the games begin and may the best richest man win!

Ps - If you're not planning on attending the Tax Day Tea Party today, for the love of your country, CHANGE YOUR PLANS. I'll be here.

Ps 2 - Before heading to a Tea Party and in between cursing under your breath, drawing a pitchfork and tail onto your favorite Barry O picture, and shoving large amounts of chocolate into your mouth in an attempt to feel better on this grand April 15, try playing Pester the Democrats.

Click the link and you can tea-bag Barack "not Saddam" Hussein Obama, Joe "Not the Plumber" Biden, Harry “Nepotism” Reid, and Nancy “Let 'Em Eat Cake” Pelosi.

What would be even better is if we could actually make them a cup of tea then, say, throw in a little hemlock, hm? What's good enough for Socrates...

UPDATE: My mother's thoughts on all of this: "I think we should tar and feather them first, then make them drink the hemlock tea. If they refuse to drink it, then we could tie them up and give them all ENEMAS!!!" Well played, Mom. Well played. One of the many reasons that I love you.


  1. I sent my postcard to Harry Reid. Does that make me a right wing extremist?

  2. Love the site.....Keep it up and I'll pop in regularly.

    The Jason Matera vids are great. I'm sure you've seen the one where he 'interviewed' Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel, but if not come and visit it. An instant classic: http://therightisright.blogspot.com/2009/03/tax-man.html