Get Me Off This Planet!

Apparently, a new earth-like planet has been discovered ... on Earth Day. How appropriate.

Unfortunately, researchers say it's too close to the sun to be suitable for human life.

Damn. I was really hoping that I could move there after running across this cover of Ann Coulter:

Photoshopped or not, I'm not sure I even want to exist on the same planet as that.

Conservative she might be, but Rule 5 she ain't.


  1. Now, S.Logan, we're concerned with natural beauty of either gender where encountered.
    So we can join the objection to photoshopping, nipping, tucking, bleaching, etc.
    OTOH, there is nothing more wrong with the natural Ann than me. _She_ at least was kind enough to write a book and then autograph my copy. ;)

  2. I just threw up.