Facebook Manners and You

This is awesome. H/T: Moe Lane

Moe said he had nothing to follow this, but I do. (Shocking, I know.)

It just so happens that in the course of the last 24 hours I have had two of the rules broken on me. In the interest of good taste, I'll leave the perpetrators and rules nameless.

The most useful piece of advice:

“No one's going to date you, if you get frown lines.”

Huh. Maybe that's been my problem.

Also, I wonder how much better off society would be if our insults were so genteel as, “Timmy is a wet blanket”?


  1. Agreed. Awesome video. If I ever get a facebook account, this will be great to have... By the way, I cannot believe you are having trouble dating. Sounds to me like you are embellishing. Intelligent, beautiful, witty girl who cannot get a date. Right... Regarding lines, I contend they make you more interesting--and allow someone to see perfection in your imperfection. However, I again see no lines in your face, so I call further embellishing.

  2. She played the "C" card!

  3. This may be my new favorite video.

  4. WJP - Intelligent plus beautiful plus witty = INTIMIDATING. Suzanna, you gotta ditz it up a little bit.

  5. Agreed. Ditzy opens more doors. More than one of the three qualities overwhelms most guys like me--limited intellect, hard on the eyes, and lacking wit.