Death (to Democrats) and Taxes

I’ve been thinking a lot about taxes lately. (Mostly how I’m going to get put in jail for not doing mine, as I recently threw away both my W2 and 1099 in a Taco Bell trashcan.) And, I’ve also been thinking about being sick, as I’ve come down with my death of cold. (Maybe if I’m lucky, it will kill me before April 15.)

Now, I can think about both at the same time thanks to the nine people who have wasted three million dollars in taxpayers funds by making over 2,700 emergency room visits.

The totally (not) shocking part? Seven of the nine were diagnosed with mental health issues.

My suggestion? Rather than sending them to the emergency room, let’s send them to DC. By having them replace nine Democratic seats in Congress—they already check the mentally unbalanced box—we could save the taxpayers $1.5 million dollars. (Based on Congress' yearly salaries of $174,000.)

Then, we could send the Democratic Congressman to the emergency room … and have Dr. Kevorkian be on call that day.


  1. The sad (infuriating) part is, they try to argue that health insurance provided by employers should be taxed as income because then the user will understand better that "health care has costs" and will 'more wisely' choose when to use their (our. MY!) benefit. Here we have a great example that shows the opposite is the case: it's the gov't provided ("free") healthcare that's getting abused.

  2. It's only 545 people screwing up an entire nation. That seems do-able.

  3. Anonymous6.4.09

    I think it's important to remember some of things we are funding with illegally extorted income taxes especially, like gov't-subsidized abortion(both here in the US and abroad), or attracting and supporting invasion, and paying those invaders with every benefit up to, and including social security, and free college for the kiddies. Or maybe to pay for sophisticated training and weaponry, ostensibly for the Mexican military and police to fight narco-terrorist cartels' take over of the country, but much of which is actually going straight into the hands of those terrorists through the 60+% desertion rate.
    The taxes we are paying, from paychecks, to investments, to fuel, to property(for indoctrination and brainwashing in the commie-lib public school system)to sales taxes are going straight toward funding the end of the Constitutional, free market, individual liberty Republic that has been known as the United States of America. Every person, paying any tax, is making their contribution to ending democracy in the Western world.
    J David

  4. Anonymous8.4.09

    I can think of a solution. I doesn't even use the whole magazine.

  5. I'm still amazed at the anger and resentment that people have towards those who are less fortunate in our society. Thanks for making me thankful for being a liberal :)

  6. Anonymous29.4.09

    Since you love the people that refuse to get a job, educate themselves, stop having babies and to pull themselves up by the bootstraps like the rest of us REDNECKS, then I think you should open your home and wallet wide open to them. It would take about 10 hours before you realize that throwing money and a helping handout to people who REFUSE to join a VALUE PRODUCING SOCIETY is in vain. Don't you know they are entitled to everything for free, there are no longer the ethics and morals of yesteryear. So, enjoy being a liberal, and remember when your bleeding heart looks in the mirror "Liberalism is a mental disorder"