Same-Sex Marriage and a Song

Ah, my home sweet home state of California. What a charlie fox you have become.

Check out Donald Douglas' thoughts on the leftist obsession with legalizing same-sex love in the Golden State: "No Faggots, Dykes or Trannies"?

While I have your attention, let me offer this lilting refrain on behalf of my beloved, native land:

Oh, give me a home
Where the immigrants roam
Where the queers and the lesbians play
Where seldom is heard, a rational word
And the sky-high-taxes are not going awaaaaay.


  1. Uh, the Sunshine State is Florida. California is the Golden State.

  2. I liked the alliteration of "same-sex" and "Sunshine State." I also may or may not have had too much (Cup O Noodle Soup) to drink last night.

  3. Which is why I moved to the Silver State in 1993. I couldn't take the liberal lean nor the sky high cost of living.

    As much as I loved living in the Bay Area, now I just go to visit family.

    And thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

  4. Golden Sunshine! That's sounds positively LGBT!

  5. Hilarious! I'm always amused how intolerant liberals can be when they are confronted with different opinions.

  6. Suzanna, stop reminding me about all the bad things about my current state of living. It makes me want to move. :) Miss you.

  7. Golden Sunshine does sound positively LGBT. It also sounds far too much like Golden Showers for my peace of mind.

  8. Here's my oldie but goodie. It's a bit dated but then so am I.

    Home, home of the strange
    Where the queers and their sycophants play
    Where all is absurd
    The bird is the word
    And Ralph Reed tries to keep the at bay.

  9. Laura8.3.09

    Look my Dear Friend, I am commenting on your blog. Aren't you excited now???

  10. Thanks for stopping by my place, Suzanna. I'm glad we can agree on our assessment of Jerry. I was totally going to make the golden shower comment myself.

    And despite my complete lack of beliefs or morals and my liberal dedication to destroying everything that America stands for, I have to say that you possess a better sense of humor than Douglas.

    And yes, I was generalizing but consider the evidence. Keep not talking, darlin. Take care.