Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow ... Pivotal Life Moments, Part 2

Dear favorite public of mine,

In honor of my one week blogiversary (and the Insta-lanche yesterday that made my day life), I would like to announce that I am offering each of you a five-day, all-expenses paid vacation…

… From reading my blog. That’s right—starting with this post, I will disappear from the face of the planet internet until Monday. Now, I could say I’m going to be spending these days doing something wildly exciting, like following in Obama’s grandmother’s steps and helping fight the African tsetse fly, eloping with Big Sexy, or finally finishing Russell Kirk’s Conservative Mind.

But the truth is I will be doing none of these things. Instead, I will be spending these days reclaiming my soul. God and I were talking the other night and He pointed out the inverse relationship between how well y’all have been getting to know me and how well I have been getting to know Him.

I guess this is another one of those Pivotal Life Moments. With a PLM, it must be true that "you were not the same after that." Well, in this case, it's me and my blog that will never be quite the same (cue collective sigh of relief). In the past week, I have discovered that blogging not only opens a window to your soul to others but to yourself as well. Sometimes, what you see is a little unnverving.

My solution? For the next few days, without being distracted every thirty seconds by “Wait, look, another blog post idea!” I will be contemplating the Big Guy (not to be confused with the Big Sexy), life, and my purpose in it.

If you’ll allow me a moment of schmoopiness, let me say that I have fallen in love with sharing these intimate posts with all five thousand of you every day. (Okay, just today, thank you, Instapundit!). As such, "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you." (Those spanking explanations were good for something after all, Mom and Dad!)

While I expect to return on Monday, you may not—although I sincerely hope that is not the case. If I have faded into blog-blivion by then, I leave you with this thought:

“What is the nature of your life? You are but a wisp of vapor that is visible for a little while and then disappears.”

From here on out, I'm committing to approach every day--and every blog post (don't worry, I wont become a humorless troll)--in the most meaningful way I can. I hope you will, to0.

Until Monday, lovingly yours,


Ps - What does my absence mean for you? That is, besides overwhelming utter despair--or joy? You will have to find some other way to burn those 4:57 minutes that my Site Meter tells me you are wasting, er, reading my zany antics somewhere else. May I suggest The Other McCain, Instapundit, Ed Morrissey, hotMES, William Jacobson, Donald Douglas, Jimmie, and Sean?


  1. MrsLick11.3.09

    make sure im invited if there is any eloping going on : )

  2. Thats what the RSS reader is for.
    When you post and there is a number next to the tab your bookmark is in, I look in the folder to see who posted.
    If it is you who had posted, you get a read.

  3. Anonymous11.3.09

    I for one am hoping you return being more of the "lady" God created you to be. You have been (at times) quite an embarrassment to the lady kind, and the conservative lady kind, AND the conservative christian lady kind by the things you have provoked on here sexually. It is my opinion that you have crossed the line. Do you ever think that maybe a younger girl will want look up to you? Please don't hear shame it is just that what I have been reading has been very unchristian on top of being unladylike. Maybe a pastor or a family member or a close friend who cares about you has encouraged this time away, talking some sense into you or maybe it is a by a stroke of conscience that you are saying it is time to dig a little deeper. You have such potential with your gift of writing and values to make a difference in this community, Suzanna. Time away with God seems like a very very wise thing.

    I thought of writing this behind the scenes but since you seem to have no problem exploiting who you are, I thought I might exploit the experience I have of who you are. Wake up girl and figure out what it is you really are trying to do here.

  4. You will be sorely missed. As for myself, I eagerly await your return.

    Proverbs 9:10 - The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    I don't take your thoughts as you heaping shame. I appreciate your sentiments and agree on many points. Please know that I have already received my wakeup call ... thanks for sticking with me through this growing process. I'll be striving to be a credit to the conservative-lady-cause from here on out.

  6. S.

    Everyone has to find the line, and we all cross it at times. Enjoy the time away.

  7. I'll be praying for you hun! If you need to talk shoot me an email! Love ya!

  8. Now see, I was all ready to make a spanking comment, amidst all the talk of Jell-O wrestling and such, but then remembrance of my own momma's lessons about manners prevented me from doing so. But just the same, ignore the anonymous comments and don't you change a thing, Suzanna; sexy can be holy, too.

    Have fun with your supreme being, darlin. I can honestly say that I'm gonna miss you (any chance of stashing the other McC somewhere while you're gone?) and I hope you find what you're looking for.

  9. Anonymous12.3.09

    You clearly have a gift and I, too, hope you use it in uplifting ways. There's too much of the other stuff already. I think you can be uplifting and funny at the same time.
    What an exciting time for you. I am in the midst of a study of the book of Esther. Talk about PLM! It's a great study if you haven't read it in a while. The study I'm doing is a Beth Moore one. This is my first time doing one of her studies. She's a little bit crazy but right on target.
    Keep up the good work, S. Logan. (I love the play on your name--very creative!)

  10. Anonymous12.3.09

    From one Anonymous to the other Anonymous, please spare us your sanctimony. SGL has been witty, insightful, and engaging. If you don't get her jokes (or sarcasm) then, quite frankly, you are an idiot. What exactly has she done that's unChristian? Amuse us with Jell-O wrestling? Oh, so unGodly of her. So unGodly! Get a grip.

  11. Anonymous12.3.09

    And another thing to that first, wretched Anonymous: GET A LIFE. Suzanna is a lady (a fine looking one i might add). And you, who the hell knows what you look like (yes, i used the word "hell"... oh so unGodly of me.) Btw, since you're a Sunday School teacher and all, please tell us how in fact Ms. Logan averred from Scripture?

  12. Time with God is always a good idea. See you on Monday, and thanks for un-expelling me from your blog roll. My life is once again complete.... lol

  13. Enjoy your long weekend away, S.logan...

    While I cannot claim to understand where you are currently and/or where you (or God, or both) expects you to be, I hope you find what you're looking for.

    My two bits sez you've been doing fine on all counts up to now (with wit, intelligence, pleasing pleasance, and virtue intact) but then, few of us know who you really are or where your true path leads.

    When I read the first few lines, I thought you might've been noticing the same thing I have about this blogging stuff (& perhaps you have): it's addictive, and can easily take you away from other things that are at least as important, and usually more-so.

    Back when I noticed that, I decided to schedule in my own "day of rest" from the whole internet thing, at least once a week. I was good for awhile, but over time found myself drawn in more & more often on my off day, "just for a minute, answering just this one post..." (I suspect that too many of us can relate to this comic - Duty Calls - and the sleep (or family time, friend time, God time, ???) we've given up to answer the call and right that wrong.)

    To whatever extent you are now (or think you may in future be) in the same boat, the time away is a good idea... And while I'm too far gone to take a five day leave cold turkey starting now, there's a good chance I'll renew my efforts to enact my own personal blue law, and spend either Saturday or Sunday with the people and pursuits that deserve more of my love and attention, and away from the computer and the TV, which get fat too much of it the rest of the week...

    So, while you're off not talking to me--(and, is there really anyone else here but you and I? Anyone important, I mean? I didn't think so...)--I'll be spending at least one day off somewhere not talking to you, either. Thanks for the reminder.

    Depending on when you read this comment, I hope you either find or found what you are/were seeking, and I'm looking forward to your next offering, whenever that may be...

  14. Anonymous12.3.09

    I am the initial anonymous and this is my second post on this thread. I will end a post if I ever do post with "the initial anonymous" so it is clear.

    The main thing I want to say in response to any other defensive anonymous posts is this:

    Look at Miss Suzanna's (already born, NOT birthed by my initial post) conviction of what I was touching on and use her humble and aware stance as the focus here when you get all sorts of buttons pushed by what or how I said what I said. She is KEEN. She is DISCERNING. SHE GETS IT. That is what is most important. Seek to understand HER, not me in this thread. She will be best to tell you the how and the what and the why.

    And you know...what I do for a living or on any given day of the week or even how I look being any bit of the focus is to majorly miss out on an opportunity to truly know SUZANNA.

    I would like to make it clear who I am though...

    I am a very imperfect child of God who cared enough to write. I am someone whose true intention was received gracefully and humbly by the one in which it was intended for.

    The Initial Anonymous, 2nd post on this thread.

  15. Enjoy your blog holiday. Please update if the Godiva shows up.

  16. Anonymous13.3.09


    I prayed for you a couple of nights ago for some reason(sometimes that urge, and the prayers themselves are directed by the Spirit) and I shouldn't be surprised for an answer, so soon, but I am. Congratulations!

    I see a quote, from IPeter 1:24 or the OT passage it references, I believe. One of my own favorites...

    Spontaneous Combustion
    They're bubbling over; tumbling out,
    I cannot stop their cascading...
    Out of my brain,
    down through the pen;
    Ceaselessly, across the paper parading.
    Memories, visions, rampant emotions...
    I find I can't muffle
    the silliest notions.
    Embers ever continue to glow;
    They burst into flame with oxygen flow.
    I can't stop the sparks
    that arc
    through gray matter...
    Thoughts too hot to stay
    where they are

    Those drive to write only ever just take a holiday from it. The vehicles may change, but the drive is always there...

    J David

  17. Anonymous14.3.09

    Clever S,
    I have said a prayer for you as well. I honestly stopped looking for new blog posts from you several days ago, because I wasn't comfortable with what I was seeing, er, reading. I should have remained faithful though! Now I'm reading this 3 days late- but loving it :)