Our President’s Been PUNK'D ...

... by himself.

President Obama gets owned by candidate Obama, and I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy it:

(Via Sistertoldjah, via NRCS)

This is reason number #1071 (not by coincidence the number of pages in the stimulous bill) why I think this little guy should be President instead. I mean, the White House is already full of nuts (groan), so he'd be right at home:


  1. There are a couple of drawbacks to your support for Mr. Sugar Bush. PETA would support you all the way. And the Constitution would have to be amended (unless we could get Axelrod and Soros to run the campaign).
    On the plus side, studies show that any squirrel respects the American military and the American way of life more than any Democrat. Also squirrels show a congenital antipathy to deficit spending.

  2. I thought the Dems just elected a squirrel...

  3. Judging by his lack of care and concern for the military and the American way of life I think he might be some other kind of rodent. Probably a rat.

  4. This is what you get when you buy empty rhetoric. Only difference between Obama and every other tax-and-spend democrat is a little charisma and mass appeal.