Motherly Advice

Having been called "sweettits" and a "child-hating blogger with no heart" within a matter of minutes this afternoon, a note from my mother offering this advice came at just the right moment: "Smile! It increases your face value!"

She then proceeded (unintentionally) to give me something to smile about. Scrolled in pink ink across the envelope, these words:

"I ate ten cookies today!"
"I love sparkles and glitter!"

I guess even child-hating bloggers can appreciate a Hallmark moment.


  1. :) You know what I find amusing? People are eager to show off pictures of their newborns, they are "proud parents." Is having a baby really something to be proud of? I mean really stupid people have babies all time because it was an "accident." I'm sorry to say this but having a baby isn't a great accomplishment, now a blog like yours...that is something to be proud of. :)

  2. Mr. L9.3.09

    I don't mind baby pictures if they are attractive children, but if one more person shows me the pictures of their little aliens, I may lose it completely.

  3. Before I trip the light snarktastic, allow me a moment to ask: were those words penned by your mother? If so then they strike me as the adorable sentiments of a mother communicating with her adult daughter. Awww. If not, I would like to find out who put Ralph Wiggum in charge of envelop design at Hallmark, because that is brilliant. ;)

  4. Ennuipundit - those words were a Momma Logan original. Maybe we should get the copyright on them before Hallmark catches on.

  5. Indeed she should. Also she has achieved a rarely reached level of awesomeness.