Ménage à Trois at midnight

This afternoon, at the advice of my illustrious mentor, I swore off writing about anything non-political for a week. (No, Mom, I didn't really swear. It's a figure of speech.) But, as I learned from our president, promises are made to be broken, and I just have to share:

After being overcome last hour by an urge for Spicy Chicken Cup ‘O Noodle Soup, I made a middle-of-the-night grocery store run. The parking lot was nearly empty when I arrived. Then, all at once, three cars pulled up. Like one of those Super Bowl commercials where the gratuitous hot chick runs slow-motion through a field of flowers to embrace a Bud Light, all three drivers met in the middle of the lot.

They proceeded to group hug. (Kodak moment! Where’s your camera when you need it?!)

Did I mention that one driver was male and the other two were female? This is important. It seems I have just discovered how to have a threesome in public without getting arrested. Too bad I didn’t find this out last March. Maybe I could pass my discovery on to the bevy of Washington figures who can’t even manage to have a twosome in private (and, by private, I mean one of those pay-by-the-hour jobs) without causing a kerfluffle.

And, I said this post wasn’t going to be political.


  1. We haven't met, but that "illustrious mentor" thing sounds pretty good!

  2. Anonymous8.3.09

    :) You used my favorite word!

  3. Flowers? Soup? Mom?

  4. Am I the only one who notices the aura of invincible blog-fu around here? First the hillbilly Barbie post, now the menage-a-blog with links to McGreevey and Spitzer, the anticipation aroused but never quite satisfied?

    This teasing-minx business almost makes me more sympathetic to the Big Sexy than to you, Clever S. Almost. With his Herculean strength, he would have been wiser to walk away before the enchantrix cast her spell. If only he'd send that box of Godiva he owes you, I'd say you might be about even.

    At any rate, you may have a career in PR. Or vice-versa. (Does your mom blame me for that?)

  5. If your mom is concerned about whether or not you were swearing, wouldn't she be more concerned about you going to the grocery store at midnight? Mine would! :)

    "There are bad people out at that hour!"

  6. Pat, how right you are.

    Another favorite (thanks, Mom!): "Nothing good happens after midnight!"