Let's play a game: name that googler!

Because I expect to be super busy lazy today, I’m going to let y’all do the talking for me … via the best google searches that led to my page this week. Plus, you guys are much more entertaining than I’ll ever be.

(Please note: I squirreled away my inner grammar-nazi for this post, and left the spelling errors in the searches intact, i.e. "Megan" should be "Megyn.")

Top three searches:

1) "Fox News Megan Kelly legs"

2) "Woman hate me because I’m beautiful"

3) "I love Logan"

Although I can’t be sure, my best guesses as to who was doing the googling are below:

1) “Fox News Megan Kelly legs”

- The gam goddess herself:


- RSM. In the name of Rule 5, of course:

2) Next, “Women hate me because I’m beautiful."

- Me

Kidding, only kidding. They hate me because I'm conservative, remember?

3) Finally, for “I love Logan,” I have two guesses:

- The Big Sexy. (He did send the chocolate, after all.) Actually, now that I think about it, the “I love Logan” perpetrator could be either person in this picture. His picture-pal is the famed “A newly Conservative Lesbian,” Cynthia Yockey:


- Last and certainly not least, the "idiot liberal guy":

If the photoshopped picture isn’t bad enough. Trust me, it gets worse.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. You have such a nice way of expressing yourself. However being new to the country and not so firm in the English language I wonder what grammar-Nazi means? Thanks for explaning

  2. Oh Suzanna, you wound me, girl (your use of the vernacular "ya'll" aside).

    I know you quit checking out my site when I mentioned your daily tresspasses but I never suspected such a frontal assault (oh, that sounds hot, doesn't it?).

    Is it because I don't have a clever sounding net-handle? Or because I upset your wrinkled "mentor"? Or because I pwned one of his elderly, sycophantic fanboys? It had nothing to do with you Sweetits, they both came after me unprovoked.

    And while I do enjoy your little posts, I take it personnally that you have such animosity towards me. Do you not enjoy the attentions of the unfairer sex? You're not really that way, are you? It's cool if you are; I can work with that (I most definitely have in the past).

    Take my affections as a compliment darlin, as they're sincerely intended. Don't sully your pretty visage with bitterness. It most certainly does not become you.

    And you don't have anything to prove by ignoring my comments as you have in the past. I know that it diminishes your neocon cred with the circles you run in but isn't that what makes being bad fun? Take care, sweets.

  3. Paula and Skip, a grammar nazi is a person who feels the urge to correct the spelling and grammar errors of others.

  4. Anonymous20.3.09

    Google is Eeeeeeeeevil! I virtually NEVER use it. I encourage everyone I can to boycott those commies at every opportunity.
    J david

  5. I love how liberals scream about tolerance and then don't show any. Sweetits? Wow if a ebil neo(nazi)con dared to say that to a left wing gal the napalm would commence until the target was a charred ruin.

    Try practicing what you preach.

  6. Sometimes, VAG, you just have to be in with the in crowd to get all them inside jokes:

    S.logan said...
    JBW, can't we all just be friends? This linking orgy we all seem to be having is wearing me out. True, I don't normally make friends with the "liberal idiot guy," but in your case - because you like Southern food - I'll make an exception.

    Forever yours,

    I'm sure that our clever S.Logan will speak up (& stop calling herself that) the moment she is offended by it. (Personally, I'll take a pass on calling anyone sweetits, even if they ask me to, but that's me... I had enough problem calling a guy with whom I briefly worked "Fatty," even though that's how he introduced himself, and that's what everyone else--including his mom--called him.)

  7. VAG, the epithet "Sweetits" was used in jest to mock the politically-correct, tolerance screamers you're referring to: I Don't Think Suzanna Logan Likes Me. The girl even signed a comment as such, proving that while she may not be very good at humor at least she has a sense of it.

    Save your "Can you imagine if a conservative said..." rhetoric for conversations you've actually been paying attention to. Until then, go color in the corner while the big kids are talking. And lighten up, guy.

  8. Hey Reps, just saw that you beat me to the response. That's my dog!

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