Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm conservative?

Apparently, yesterday's lilting refrain ruffled some feathers. Via Don Douglas' mention of my last post and in response to his reminder that "THIS IS HUMOR!" one commenter writes:

"No, Don, this is proof that Republicans suck at humor. She should have included the words 'fags' and 'n*ggers,' it would have appealed more to your base."

Then, in a skillfull showing of typical leftist hypocrisy, he posts this just minutes later:

"I just saw Logan's picture. I take back anything negative I just said about her (as long as she never speaks).

Clearly, a perceived sexual orientation bias by someone else is akin to blasphemy, but blatant sexism when they're the one's dishing it out? Well, that's just par for the liberal course.


  1. Awww, Suzanna. I don't hate you, honeybunch. And I don't know you well enough to know if you have a sexual orientation bias, I probably just perceived you that way based on my experiences with other straight people who casually refer to homosexuals as "queers".

    And I'd say that blasphemy is a bit strong. I don't even believe in a god. I grew up in Texas, darlin. There isn't much you can say that will upset me and I don't have a PC bone in my body. My feathers are far from ruffled, pumpkin.

    So go ahead and hate or not hate the queers (is it hypocritical of me to call them that now?) all you like, sweetness. I think it's super cool when you broads think for yourselves.

    And I never said that you offended me, just that you weren't funny. That's OK, humor is a hard concept to grasp. That's why most successful comedians are men, babydoll.

    If you haven't noticed at this point, I'm being blatantly over the top in my use of sexist rhetoric to mock your outrage at my little comment. I have a mother and three little sisters; I'm not a sexist, I just play one on the Interwebs (perhaps I should lower my intake of Rush Limbaugh).

    I said that I find you physically attractive. It was a compliment and you should take it as such. You shouldn't lower yourself to the level of the jack booted feminists. And if you keep writing posts like this one I may have to rethink my assessment of your sense of humor. But having a persecution complex is just par for the conservative course, I suppose.

    So let's agree to disagree about politics and agree to agree that I think you're hot. If you're ever in the Bay Area I'd love to buy you a drink and see where things go from there. Am I still being sexist? Who knows? That's why it's fun...

  2. Well you are quite stunning, but it has always been your mind that impressed me. Perhaps the left doesn't mind the blatant sexism because all of the stunning straight girls happen to be conservatives? I mean what does that leave for the left? It's no wonder they try to put you down for being beautiful and having a mind...

  3. "Then, in a skillfull showing of typical leftist hypocrisy ..."

    Perfectly said, Suzanna! You're a pro at this blogging stuff!

  4. I didn't see much hate either, S.logan... just criticism of humor that wasn't all that funny, and might've been a little offensive, besides. I am hoping that you weren't serious, and that your little ditty really was an attempt to be funny--which I'll parenthetically note you've done quite well in a few of your posts here, and without any hint of offensiveness--but sometimes, I do wonder when it comes to Donald and some of his friends.

    And as I said over at Brain Rage, the generalizations about those unlike oneself were a-flying before JBW ever spoke... and that even without the bold disclaimer--(and if it needs a warning, doesn't that say something about the degree of funniness contained in the "humor?")--JBW WAS JOKING, JUST LIKE YOU WERE (or weren't, as the case may be).

  5. Suzanna,

    That was as funny as that time we put the hornet's nest in the gym.

    Some folks just don't have much of a sense of humor. That's what hornets are for.


  6. JBW: We can agree to disagree on politics and agree to agree that you think I'm hot with one condition: You agree to never call me (or any other female) "pumpkin" again. Deal? :-)

    Repsac3: Agreed that my song may have been the debut of "Jokes Gone Wrong" (Blog edition).

    And, a good thought (for me) for the day: "He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool."
    ~ Brigham Young (the guy had dozens of wives, he had to be an expert in receiving offense)

  7. I'm hip to not always responding in that knee-jerk, as expected fashion, but I suspect that even Mr. Young would agree there are some things are legitimately offensive, though exactly what those things are often seem to vary person to person, for a multitude of reasons.

    Also, be not surprised when the day comes that I repeat ol' Brigham's quote back to you, Suzanna. If nothing offends a person, there's a good chance that person either has no heart, or just doesn't care enough about the world in which s/he lives, or anyone in it aside him/herself.

  8. Welcome to the brave new world where women are protected as long as you toe the liberal party line, otherwise you're pond scum.

  9. Thanks, Vegas. I'm finding out that it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here ...

  10. If nothing else, your recruitment to the right-wing blogosphere has made one liberal idiot regret his idiocy. My Boy Scout good deed of the day!

  11. Did I read that first comment right?

    A straight man in the Bay Area wanted to buy you a drink?

    .. My chances of that Unicorn in the mail is looking better and better now.

  12. Link to me, I can throw you more traffic than McCain (please don't look at my sitemeter, it's not functioning properly; I really get a lot more traffic, but the vast leftwing conspiracy is playing games with my blog).

  13. Thank God you're a Conservative. ;D

  14. Suzanna, apologies for the "pumpkin". I was running low on sexist epithets and I was afraid that "sweettits" might actually offend you. I promise to lead with my heart from now on.

    VAG, I've always kind of liked you at Don's site but please stop speaking badly about pond scum, it's pretty important to the ecosystem.

    Dave, Bay Area and a gay joke? Do all of your fish come in barrels, pal?

    RSMcC, wow! A guy I've heard of who has the same name as the other guy I've heard of who got beaten by Barack Obama in the race for president called me a "liberal idiot". My political blogger street cred is increasing.

    It's been fun, Suzanna. I've put together a retrospective of our trials and tribulations here. Let me know when you'd like that drink, sweettits.

  15. JBW, get with the program, asshole.

    Obviously, it's Sugar Tits.

  16. Asshole, huh Serr8d? Not quite as eloquent as I would expect from someone quoting Balzac on their site. Or perhaps you meant to post a quote about guns and hate to match the rest of the site and just fucked it up.

    And I'll stick with Sweetits, thank you very much. Oh, and the Titans choked on it last season. Enjoy your breakfast.