Doc, how long do I have?

Apparently there is a word for the bevy of conditions I have contracted since joining the blogosphere: Sitemeterenfreude.

While the illness is not deadly, it may shorten my blogging lifespan. Which, incidentally, may not be a bad thing--for all of you. And me. It's scary out here.

Here, too. (P.s. - what kind of a person names their cat Burger and Fries?? Our favorite donut-loving liberal, Karl Frisch, maybe?)


  1. I think the cat's owners must have been Chinese.

  2. what kind of a person names their cat Burger and Fries?? ...asks the woman who once had a goldfish named Silver...

    The real (& really boring) answer is likely that, when you have so many cats and dogs in the shelter up for adoption, creativity kinda flies out the window...

    I don't know about what goes on amongst the folks you know, but around here, the naming process is often kind of intense, involving physical attributes, mannerisms & characteristics, and tributes to pets gone by. Shelters just don't have that kinda time, so they come up with a theme for the (day/week) and name, accordingly... I wouldn't be surprised to learn that "Pickle" and "Shake" were in adjoining cages, completing the menu of one volunteer's lunch that day.

    Besides, by giving them names that "go together," like "Burger" and "Fries," (or "Salt" and "Pepper," "Hannity" and "Colmes," or--when they think they can get away with it--"Moe," "Larry," and "Curly"--they increase the likelihood that a family will take the set home, rather than splitting them up. (I've even heard rumors that some shelters create sets aren't really related... All's fair in love & pet adoption, I guess...)

  3. Repsac3- LOL and touche.

  4. You have been referred to me by Dr. McCain for diagnosis and treatment. Here is my advice: Rearrange the deck chairs with deliberate speed, and remember the Alamo.

  5. Don't be scured, Suzanna. You weathered our little dust up just fine. Besides, I would think my attentions a breath of fresh air after studying at the feet of your superannuated mentor. That guy has issues. You just keep on keeping on, darlin. Take care.

  6. I have now BEATEN my disease... :)

    I moved to wordpress..:D:D:D


    You have been (blog)rolled!