Democrat Shows Fiscal Responsibility

I know what you're thinking, "That headline sounds like it's off one of those picture magazines down at the Piggly Wiggly. You know, the ones that say, 'Lady wrestlers boobs explode;' 'Three-headed cow shoots farmer;' or 'Demons influence presidential policy!'" (Wait, pretty sure that last one was from a legitimate news source.)

But, as crazy as it sounds, it's true: After 70 days in office, the President has finally made a fiscally responsible choice. He and the missus plan to personally absorb the cost of redecorating the White House. Previous presidents have received a $100,000 budget for this, but as New York Magazine reports, the Obama's are demonstrating "integrity in action" by paying for it themselves rather than using taxpayer funds.

And, there was much rejoicing! Wait, you're not rejoicing. Don't you see? Our president is saving us $100,000 by buying his own pillows and wallpaper. That's SO MUCH MONEY, especially when compared to the $800 billion that he's burning on the "stimulous" bill.

/enter crickets chirping

Right. So it's actually a lackluster attempt to salvage any vestige of financial credibility.

/exit crickets

Obama may be faithful in the small things—they are planting a garden after all—but he’s muffed it on the large scale. But with brilliant PR moves like this one, that doesn't really matter, and Obama knows it. If he can distract the media (and society with it) by tending a garden and paying for pillows, there will be much less time to notice his taxpayer-funded spending spree and the looming massive deficits.

Still, at least he's staying true to his word and offering us "change" we can believe in. By my calculations, based on the U.S. Census Bureau's latest report, he is saving each of us $.000333333333 cents.

Maybe we could all pull our savings together and buy one of those tabloids from the Piggly Wiggly?


  1. Bravely, bold Sir Barack, rode forth from The White House, he was not afraid to spend, oh Brave Sir Barack. He was not afraid to dip into the public coffers all the time, Brave, Brave, sir Barack.

    Not nearly as funny as Sir Robin, but far more accurate.

    So how are you doing, your heathenness?

  2. How noble of our president. Sharleton.

  3. I wonder if he's going to hire any of those out-of-work folks to tend the garden. After all, he's going to be way too busy to do it himself, what with his continuous campaign and all.

  4. Lil Sexy30.3.09

    I wonder if his garden is organic?

  5. What the hell is a sharleton?

  6. Anonymous1.4.09

    I guess there goes the stimulus to the interior decorators.

  7. for a hoot, read the comment section at the link..