Call Me a Sentimental Fool

It may be true that diamonds are a girl's best friend for girls who don’t blog. But for girls that do, her best friend—and the quickest way to her heart—is heaping praise (and more traffic) upon her head(lines).

As such, the bandit who stole away with my heart this week is Troglopundit, who admits to, among other very nice things, reading every single post. [Note: He’s a smart man, and you should follow his example, even if you don’t want a piece of my heart.]

My blogolover continues on to say:

“In the spirit of the Five Rules, I’ll be letting Suzanna know that I’m writing all these really nice things about her, hoping that some of that 533 hits per day (and growing) might wear off on me. Unfortunately, women like her are used to being shamelessly begged, so we’ll just have to see.”

It just so happens to be that I am a sucker for two things 1) shameless begging, and 2) jello wrestling (here, too).

Troglo, this may be the beginning of a beautiful blogging relationship. There is one thing you should know, though: I am a mother.

Despite my early trepidation towards motherhood, I have been blessed with a bouncing baby blog: Griffon's Lair. It seems I guilted him back into posting with one of my comments, which led him to declare this:

So, I guess I'm going to dub Ms. Logan my adoptive Blog-Mother. Let's see if her influence and (guilt trips) motivate me any better!

So, visit him often. (He’s also a fellow understudy of my illustrious, speedo-wearing mentor --whose Rules work!)

I may be considered another "amazing success story" by snagging over 8,000 hits and a box of chocolate in my first fifteen days of blogging, but call me a sentimental fool, I think I may be happier about finding my new family.


  1. I hope that the abuse I heaped upon the writer of Griffon's Lair in Update II to http://rsmccain.blogspot.com/2009/03/dr-freaking-s-goodblogs-friday-nite.html doesn't put me on your S-list, S. Logan...
    But you do have a great lead in now in for your "Rule 4" menagerie. Some day you will thank me for this. I await.

  2. Be vewy, vewy cawful, Cwever, wif Twoglopundit. His wife is a formew boxew. I cwossed hew once and still speak funny.